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Sponsorship Questions

Both sponsors, sports properties need to form clear strategies

By Scott Becher

January 25, 2000 12:00 p.m. ET

Sports sponsorship expert Scott Becher will occasionally answer questions on endorsement topics.

Q: I'm the corporate sponsorship manager at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. I'm having a difficult time selling sponsorships. Can you help me out with some strategies?
-- Lonny Sweet, Newport, R.I.

A: There is one general principle to follow: Listen first, then package and sell.

What I mean is first speak with your best prospects to identify their sponsorship marketing objectives. Is it awareness? Increased sales? VIP on-site hospitality? Once this is determined, you can now put together a custom package to best meet your prospects' needs.

Separately, take a hard look at the assets you offer to sponsors. Identify which elements are strongest and court those companies most likely to benefit.

Often with local events, community relations is an event asset, and big corporations locally are oriented to demonstrate their commitment to the community. Put some programs in place to allow local companies to use your property in meeting this important goal.

Lastly, a relationship with the Tennis Hall of Fame is something that makes your event unique. Aggressively leverage the Hall-of-Fame component of your sponsorship package.

Develop some promotions for potential sponsors to understand how they can translate a sponsorship into an impactive marketing program.

Good luck!

Please send your sponsorship marketing questions to Scott Becher, President, Sports and Sponsorships, via e-mail at Once submitted, the questions become the property of and may be edited.

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